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Criminal Proceedings

We would strongly advise anyone being questioned by the Police about any offence to exercise their right to have a solicitor present. On occasions some people assume that because they have done nothing wrong they don’t need a solicitor – that is precisely when you do need a solicitor to protect your rights. We provide a 24hour FREE service for anyone arrested or attending a police station voluntarily. Out of hour’s number 07885754290

Remember, everyone qualifies for Legal Aid at the police station regardless of your income, so it is absolutely free to call us. If the matter proceeds to Court we can assess your eligibility for Legal Aid for the full trial.

If you are summonsed by the PPS or charged by the Police to attend a magistrate’s court, whether for a driving offence or a more serious criminal offence, we provide expert consistent professional advice and representation at all stages of the case. We can advise on the process and ensure that you get the best outcome possible by experienced representation.

For those charged with more serious criminal matters we provide an excellent service in the Crown Court. We can provide representation on bail applications, pleas or trials and will always ensure that you get the best level of service available.